Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Large Loss semi truck ready to go

"Ready for Whatever Happens"

No matter what we are "Ready For Whatever Happens" This trailer is locked and loaded with supplies and equipment. When a disaster strikes pick up the phone and call SERVPRO of Northwest Orlando.

Tarped building after tornado

Tornado Damage

A tornado touched down and SERVPRO of Northwest Orlando was called in for emergency services. We responded quickly and put up several tarps to stop further damages from happening. Give us a call today!

Picture of tree that has fallen onto the roof of a local home

Fallen Tree Hits House

Storm damage toppled trees and damaged roofs. SERVPRO was called out during the storm to provide emergency tarps on roofs to prevent catastrophic water damage. Our nationwide network is only a call away when needed. If your neighborhood is hit with massive storm damage, call SERVPRO of Northwest Orlando 24/7 at (407) 698-5155. We have the resources to tackle any size disaster.

Storm breaks window and floods home

Broken Window

After a local man found a branch from the storm broke his window, there was no time before the rain water rushed in and flooded his home.  When SERVPRO arrived the whole unit was flooded just from a 20 min down pour. With water extraction and proper drying equipment in place, SERVPRO saved the unit and left with a very happy and thankful customer. 

water spots indicating damage on ceiling after a storm

Storm Damage to Ceiling

Heavy rain and winds can be felt hundreds of miles away and their destruction can be inevitable. This was the case in this residential home. After a night of heavy rain, water made its way into a bedroom through a small crack in the roof. Notice all the water marks surrounding the ceiling. SERVPRO of Northwest Orlando

tarped the small section of the roof before removing the wet ceiling, insulation, and laying down drying equipment. Our customer was thrilled with the quick response time and tarping before a roofer could arrive. To learn more about our residential services give us a call at

(407) 698-5155

roof caved and water leaking from it

Leaky Roof From Heavy Rain

Roofs can take a beaten no matter the season. That's why having your roof inspected or replaced every 5-10 years is needed. Many of SERVPRO of Northwest Orlando storm calls are due in part to leaky roofs or cracked windows. This is one of those cases where a leak in the roof allowed water to enter through the attic into a bedroom. When the homeowners woke up they noticed their ceiling falling down because of the weight of the water. If you have a crack in your roof call SERVPRO of Northwest Orlando at (407) 698-5155

. We are "Ready for whatever happens" 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.